Meeting the old man of Dakhla Asmaa source

The thermal source of Asmaa is situated in the region of Dakhla. This sulfurous source is very well known for its medicinal properties that travelers from around the country and even the world come and seek. It is known to have great benefits on the skin, some respiratory conditions, and even bones. Once I got to the source, I’ve been hit by its powerful smell. I wasn’t expecting it to be so. But who am I kidding ?! It’s Suffer ! I must advise that it is preferable not to wear any silver jewlery once you go through the Suffer Source Ritual. Now that you are informed ! Please read on 😉 !

The source’s keeper


There are many amazing people in this world, but only few mark our spirit by their outstanding vibration. This man is amongst those rare people. The keeper was luckily here to guide me and my travel companions through it all. I was glad to have such a strong and experimented man as a guide and a host. He stunned me by his strenght and ability to connect with his body. The old man could lift a man his weight super easily and he stunned everyone by his humor and pride. He was old endeed but he had the stamina of a midle aged and I am sure he could beat the best of us at any physical competition. This man was in charge of the source and knew prety much everything about its waters. He could recount many stories of people coming to this source and how they liked the ritual, how they dislike the strong smell and how it had been an amazing journey to be the guardian of such and amazing spot.



Like Sardines in the box


Once we got to the source. We were all asked to lay down like “sardines in the box”. This might sound a little bit odd but it is actually a very famous saying that signifies that people should lay down straight and very close to the other member of the group. And so we did. We layed down on the ground “like sardines in the box”. The old man took a watering tuilot that were plugged on a big pumping machine and started watering us with this powerful liquid. The water jet was strong enough to massage our bodies without hurting us. The old man was focusing on various body parts to activate blood circulation. Of course he asked us to protect our sensitive organs and as he laughily reminds us “those (organs) are the only “jewlery” that cannot be replaced and that we cannot take off”. We couldn’t stop laughing from it all and under the suffered water we were pretty much looking like “sardines” 😃 😃 😃

If you ever get the chance to meet the source’s keeper, rest assured that this man will connect you to the very spirit of Asmaa’s Suffer Source. A powerful and cleansing experience, bound to nature and its superpower. I will allways remember it as a moment of joy, bliss, and deep wisdom… a communion with nature in the most authentic way.

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