About me

Hey 🖐️, so you are here to know more about me, below you will find who i'am and why i'm starting this project, keep scrolling my friend

Hello World

This is a brief presentation of who I am and why we should be friends. I grew up in casablanca and my name is ismail «  Yes that’s why i called the blog esmile » , I’m a lifelong learner who is really passionated about visual art, creating news things and make them looks beautiful.

I started drawing since my youngest age and I realized that there were so many things to learn and to do, so i stared with some creative software, after that I became interested in digital market and finally i fell in love with photography and videos. That’s helped me to develop a good eye, and i really think that combining and focusing on those skills will help me to create something that will have a real impact on the community.

My dream is to live for and with a community, living without a fixed location, contemplating the beauty of life and sharing what i see with a big smile, i really want to make this happen and i’m working hard for it.


I choose this tree words because i strongly believe that’s it’s summarizes what i want to do, i’m always felt so alive and excited when i DISCOVER, feel, learn something new, and the best and easiest way for that is to travel so at first i pick that word as my second value but after a reflexion i understand that traveling is just a way to get that feeling, Augustine of Hippo say "the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" so to read that book i need to travel and by traveling i think he mean getting of my conforte zone no destroying it and for what ? obviously to Learn and be open to the world. So when this understanding of the fact that what truly excite me is experimenting and learning new stuff i decide to change TRAVEL to LEARN. The third word SHARE, all what i say here will have any value if i keep it to myself, sharing is a beautiful and powerful value, its connecte people, allowing them to be a part of the same dream.

Everything stared with a simple trip planned at the last moment, it was Toubkal, one the highest peak in northern Africa, i just go with no equipments, just a lot of motivation and one goal «reach the summit», i rented some tolls and started this journey and it’s was mind changing for me, landscapes as far as your eyes can see, simple and generous people all around you, step by step i stared focusing on what i really want to do.

After reaching the summit and coming back to the village I have devoted myself to this resolution :

I want to live for a community, never stop learning, creating and sharing something that can have a real impact

At that moment I just found my goals and shortly after i decide to combine what i love to do and can do, so i start working about this project idea :

« A blog for creative people who love to discover new things, people with big dreams, people who love stories, people who think that sharing them is the Key to make their life unique and worthwhile »

If this words tells you something, you’ll feel right at home here

Peace and smile 😊


" Each time we discover something, we open a gate to see a new face of the world "


" The more we discover, the more we experiment the more we learn and the less we know  "


" All the discovery and learning that we do do not have any value if it's not shared "

What i do

Here some of the skill that i'm developing and shaping 🤓 of course there is more to come ✊


I always loved the composition of the pictures, it's so beautiful to see the story behind each one. After my first trip at Toubkal Summit I decide to invest in my own equipment and learn all the technique to finally share my own stories.

Graphic Design and Branding

When i was kid i spend all my time drawing manga character, designing fourniture, at the age of 12 i discover photoshop and start learning it, since that day things bring me to other, until today when it became partially my job.

Digital Marketing

I graduated in management and my first experience was in a startup accelerator, that was where I discovered and understand the importance of digital marketing to make myself heard on internet so wait for it, i decided to learn it as well

Video Making

I know most of you don't gonna read all what i'm writing here, i understand it's pretty difficult, the most effective way is to tell you all that on a video, it's also a challenging and exciting way to tell a story that you can live visually


When you are around the camp fire roasting your marshmallow, what you do or waiting someone to do is "telling a story", it can be scary or exciting, you can be so connect with the story that you see yourself in it and that's the power of storytelling.

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