Discover how to reach the Dragon island at Dakhla

The wonder : In front of the dragon island

Everytime I arrive to a new place I get lost in the natural richness it holds. Dakhla is surely one of the most abundant and magical places I’ve been to in Morocco. When arriving, I headed to Dakhla attitude wich is the one of the closest place to the Dragon Island. Dakhla attitude is a resort overseeing the atlantic. I realized Dakhla attitude gives an amazing gaze at the island but that the only way to get there from that spot was for me to jump on a boat and sail. You totaly could take a boat from there, many are offering this transportation.

Dakhla Dragon island access I didn’t know why my gut instinct was telling me that another way to the island exists. I kept walking along the cost untill I reached the side facing Dakhla attitude. I walked and stopped many times to appreciate the feel of the salty ocean breezes. My eyes couldn’t stop appreciating the natural beauty of this place that I’ve previously checked online. I was so happy to smell and feel and see and touch the water and the white sand that everybody told me about previously. I haven’t noticed time passing by so I kept on gazing on the island untill something miraculous happened…

When the tide is low, a pathway leading to the island appears almost by magic. This moment was so minblowing that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at that open pathway that I somehow sensed.

I was litteraly running to get to the island, extremely happy and very much anaware of the place I was about to discover.

The initiation : Walking to the dragon island

Walking this pathway was an experience of its own. It was like the island was testing me or something… I had to pay attention to every detail, to every step I took, otherwise I would fall or hurt myself. I would have put my shoes but I prefered not. I guess I just wanted to grasp it all : the sensations, the textures, the oysters and seaweeds capturing my feet… my superheroe fights with those crabs were hilarious and I could not stop laughing at myself…


I strongly recommand to wear appropriate shoes not to hurt yourself, but if you are a bit of an adventurer you can walk bearfoot to grasp the sensations and the textures of that road, full of vegetal, rocks and tiny creatures. It is almost like if you were in a magical, mythical quest to finding that dragon. When walking barefoot you will need to be careful not to get trapped by the seaweeds… the crabs will inch you sometimes but it is not harmful at all. I can assure you that it’s worth it.

Landing to the dragon island

From a distance, the island looked like a sleeping dragon that landed in the middle of the atlantic for centuries,. It looked like the dragon slept there once and then just forgot to wake up. So much so that thousands of black rocks formed on its body. The more I was getting closer to the island the more I noticed the details of the sleeping dragon’s figure. The head was clearly noticeable and his giant rocky body was laying there on the cristal clear sea, sleeping for god-knows-how-long … I was on awe ! The dragon island reminded me so much of the neverending story of Falkor the Luckdragon. I was allready hooked and couldn’t wait to discover every bit of it.


Once I got to the island I realized how powerfuly charged it was. The energy of that place is so intense, and all I could think of was to climb to the top and feel it all even more !

I walked all around the tiny sleeping dragon to find the better way up. Walking on this island gives you a rare sensation of grounding and a feeling of healthy power and balance.

It took me 30 minutes to get to the top. And frankly I slipped too many times cause the sand doesn’t make it easy… so please be ware of that and prepare before your journey!
I was trying not to fall when something captured my attention…. something I didn’t expect… something so intriguing my mind began playing games on me… wich added to the fear of falling.

A skull was laying within the rocks…

A skull… not a human skull but an animal’s skull…

My mind began playing games on me… was it the dragon ? Am I in a dream ? is this even real ?

I inched myself just to get sure of reality… ouch!!! it hurts 😀 I kept this skull and now it is laying in my room back in my hometown Casablanca.

It is still to that day, a reminder of that place. Yes! It wasn’t a dream ! The dragon’s energy isn’t a dream ! It’s not dead ! It’s real !

I kept on climbing and there I was on the top of the island. What I discovered there was beyond my imagination and definitely worth all my efforts : 


The flat top of the dragon was a plateform that could have been create by menkind. It is absolutely and totaly flat that I cannot imagine that it’s nature’s making.

Could this be possible ?

How did it form ?

All those questions were washed away by the magnificience of the view I was in front of. All around me, the vastity of clear blue ocean was taking my breath away. I was stunned by the colors and the various sensations I was getting. Looking down, I was overseeing the blue sea and the black rocks… on the other side, I noticed Dakhla attitude… and in the maze of discovery I’ve forgotten my why.s !

The only thing that was now obcessing me was to jump into that blue ocean and feel every sensation this place was blessing me with.

I couldn’t get enough of the dragon’s island of course, but I eventualy had to go back to Dakhla before the high tide movement.  The pathway would completely disapear under the water when the high tide begins, and you’d have to stay on the island… Wich is something you could totaly do by the way…

Bring a tent and warm clothes ’cause it gets chilly and just enjoy the dragons snoring !! Haha !! I’m just kidding… “The dragon isn’t dead” is just a way of saying that its spirit is  laying there protecting the travelers coming to Dakhla, the ones who wonder and discover, the unafraid and the courageous, the big hearted, protectors and lovers of nature !

I wish you to travel safely and to live exciting adventures !

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