Daily Archives: April 26, 2018

Meeting the old man of Dakhla Asmaa source

The thermal source of Asmaa is situated in the region of Dakhla. This sulfurous source is very well known for its medicinal properties that travelers from around the country and even the world come and seek. It is known to have great benefits on the skin, some respiratory conditions, and even bones. Once I got to the source, I’ve been hit by its powerful smell. I wasn’t expecting it to be so. But who am I kidding ?! It’s Suffer […]

Discover how to reach the Dragon island at Dakhla

The wonder : In front of the dragon island Everytime I arrive to a new place I get lost in the natural richness it holds. Dakhla is surely one of the most abundant and magical places I’ve been to in Morocco. When arriving, I headed to Dakhla attitude wich is the one of the closest place to the Dragon Island. Dakhla attitude is a resort overseeing the atlantic. I realized Dakhla attitude gives an amazing gaze at the island but that […]